A player with skill, grace and power.

Lucia Roberta Tough Bronze, or Lucy for ease, is rightly celebrated as one of the best football right backs in the world gender regardless. She doesn’t even need to play there as she is just as comfy on the left or, if you need her, anywhere you fancy,  in Midfield. She plays her football in France for the pretty much all conquering Olympique Lyonnais (in Women’s football) and is an essential part of the English National Team. She’s had her fair share of nifty kit in her time and if you are on the lookout for some Football Kits then a quick trip to www.kitking.co.uk might be just the ticket.

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The border town of Berwick Upon Tweed is the birthplace of Lucy Bronze and it is quite fitting that this is case. Berwick Upon Tweed has been a placed that has constantly changed hands between Scotland and England and it was a similar choice that the young Lucy had to make at the start of her career. It soon became clear that there was only one thing that Lucy Bronze was interested in and that was football, as this old report shows she was way ahead of the boys in her team.  It also became clear that she was immensely good at it and she was soon playing for the Sunderland under 16’s. Lucy faced a choice, her Father is Portuguese and her Mum is English. She was eligible to play for either country and, lucky for us, opted to go for her native England.

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She went into the senior team as soon as she hit 16 years of age and helped Sunderland to win the Northern Division and the 2009 FA Cup final. In the USA Women’s football is very well established, borne out by the Countries 3 World Cup victories, and after gaining a scholarship to play for Tar Heels College team Lucy picked up a wealth of experience that she would not have gained if she has stayed in England. She won the NCAA, the only British girl to do so and returned to Sunderland rejuvenated.

She moved from Sunderland to Everton but in a move of some controversy made the jump to rivals Liverpool, a rivalry just as intense as the male equivalent. She won the Super league back to back with Liverpool and a big money move to Manchester City beckoned. Succes in the FA Cup and WSL came but she was denied a Champions League Medal by Olympique Lyonnais. However, they soon came calling for the Right back and she is currently in the process of a  three year contract with the all conquering French outfit. Let’s hope that international success follows soon for this stellar girl.

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