Six occasions when a transfer of equity may be appropriate

There are some occasions when this type of transfer may be appropriate. Here we look at six of the most common reasons.

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One reasons for this type of transfer is due to divorce. A couple may have invested jointly in a property and a large investment, such as a jointly owned house, will entail detailed negotiation and agreement on both sides. This is why it is recommended that legal advice is sought, particularly when dividing property. It may be that one party wishes to stay in the marital home and offers to buy out the other party. So it is essential that a full valuation of the property is undertaken, and legal advice sought for the transfer of ownership.


In some instances, this type of transfer occurs when a couple separates but the couple are not divorcing and there are children of the family and their living arrangements to consider. Especially if one partner wishes to remain in the family home with the children.

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New relationship

In the event of a new relationship, it may be that one party would like to add their new partner to the deeds of the house. In these circumstances, it is a good idea to take legal advice, especially as this sort of transfer would involve informing a mortgage lender if there is one. The approval of the mortgage lender would have to be sought. They would have to agree, and make their own decision, before a new name is added to the property.

Joint ownership

As properties become more expensive, some individuals are deciding to pool their resources and own a property together. They are not in a relationship but wish to be in joint ownership due to financial circumstances and to get a foot on the property ladder.


In some cases, older members of a family may consider a transfer of this type to their family members. It can help their younger family members such as children or grandchildren become property owners. But in this type of arrangement, it is essential to get proper advice before any decisions are made.


There are some instances where a transfer to a family member can help with existing tax arrangements. If you are considering this type of transfer, it is essential that you get the proper legal advice. Firms such as Sam Conveyancing can offer advice on many types of transfer of equity.

The reasons to undertake this type of transfer are many but it is always recommended to take proper legal advice before making any long-lasting decisions.

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