Great Customer Service and Giving a Good First impression in a Restaurant

As well as serving great food, you also need to make sure that your restaurant is giving customers an enjoyable experience. When we eat out, we want to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves, and part and parcel of going to a restaurant and having a good meal is also getting great customer service. Here are some of the things that make a restaurant great at giving good service…

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Greeting customers promptly and in a friendly way makes a good first impression. Make sure that they are seated or given a place where they can wait to be seated. A pager system like this help to communicate with customers and let them know when their table is ready.

Training for staff is important and you should always ensure that your staff are trained to a high standard in providing great service to customers. Even when it is busy, it is important for staff to be friendly, polite and helpful to customers.

Order errors happen from time to time but ensuring that you have things in place to reduce this helps to save a lot of hassle. Lots of restaurants now allow customers to place orders digitally which can also help to reduce these types of errors.

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Making sure that tables are well presented when guests are seated is also something that will make a great first impression. Clean tables that are laid out well are what people want to see.

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