Masks with aspirin to eliminate acne

We teach you how to eliminate acne once and for all with an ingredient that almost all of us have at home. Effective, economical and homemade!

Almost all people suffer from acne at some point in our lives and this is a problem that in addition to causing discomfort, pain and burning, also generates facial blemishes, lack of self-esteem and sadness, because when acne is abundant, not We know what to do to eliminate it and that causes us a lot of stress.

However, many of us do not have acne all over our face, but sometimes, especially during those days of the month or in unexpected moments, one or another granite appears that drives us crazy, since we want it to disappear quickly and although we want to hide it with makeup it is impossible, so today I will give you three masks to eliminate acne  once and for all.

First of all I have to tell you that although the natural drying agents of pimples and pimples are excellent to eliminate those pimples that we have on our faces quickly, it is important that you also change your diet, since everything goes from the inside out, and, if you follow consuming fats or junk food, you will always have acne, for more home remedies, expensive products and treatments that you perform.

Home treatments with aspirins to eliminate acne

Any of these three treatments with aspirin to eliminate acne, you can use it three times a week. They can also be used on any part of the body where there are outbreaks of acne or pimples.

Aspirin and rose water

Aspirin, in addition to drying the pimples and preventing them from reappearing, also acts as an annealing agent, eliminating the pain that these pimples sometimes cause, exfoliates the skin, removes blackheads and cleanses the pores deeply and Eliminates stains caused by acne. Meanwhile the rose water refreshes, reduces the production of fat on the face, closes the pores, helps wound healing and deflates.

Masks with aspirin to eliminate acneYou just have to wash your face very well, removing any trace of makeup and impurities. You can do it with a specialized soap for skin with acne or with the product you always use for this step. Crush two aspirins that are not coated and add two tablespoons of rose water, mixing very well until the ingredients are well incorporated. Apply over imperfections and leave it there for 10 minutes until it dries. Remove with cold water and finish applying with a cotton a little rose water and your usual moisturizer, preferably it is special for oily skin and acne.

Aspirin and honey

As I mentioned earlier, aspirin acts as a drying and analgesic. In addition honey is an excellent cicatrizante, dry the granites, prevents the appearance of new shoots and these two ingredients together in addition to fighting the granites, also exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells, cleans pores deeply, clears the skin, eliminating Acne spots and deflates.

Wash your face very well, eliminating all the makeup and impurities of the skin. In a bowl with two tablespoons of warm water, add two crushed aspirins and add a spoonful of honey. Mix very well and apply on imperfections. Leave on for 15 minutes until it dries and remove with cold water. Apply your moisturizer to finish.

Aspirin and tomato You

already know the benefits of aspirin to eliminate acne and combined with tomato, it is an excellent secant of granites, which prevents them from reappearing, eliminating pain, swelling and spots.

Wash your face very well eliminating all makeup and impurities, crush two aspirins and a four tomato without seeds or husk; mix the ingredients very well and apply on the imperfections and let it act for 20 minutes. Remove with cold water and apply your usual moisturizer.

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