The six rules to combine your socks

The socks is the eternal ones forgotten in the sets . And it’s something that I do not like even a hair, because you can not imagine the good impression that an outfit gives when you realize that the socks not only combine with all the parts of it, but they have managed to give a personal touch and unique in the most discreet way possible.

But like everything in this life, and more in the world of fashion, there are rules when combining them that we must take into account if we do not want to mess up and screw up when it comes to going out. Because as I have repeated to you ad nauseam, it is the small details that have to be taken care of and pampered because a simple mistake can ruin a whole: here are our three first tips to combine your socks .

Combine with pants, not shoes

Come on, raise your hand who has not ever crossed his mind such a truculence. Do I combine according to the pants or do I match the shoes? Well the answer my friends is that it must be done with the pants always present and its explanation has, do not think that they are things of the protocol or questions of aesthetics.

Basically it is because if we use socks with a similar hue or similar to the shoe, what we will achieve is to divide the lower set into two parts, on the one hand the trousers and on the other hand the sock-shoe set. On the other hand, if we combine it with the pants, the set will be divided into two parts but this time the limit will be marked by the socks, so we will achieve continuity up to the feet and that the figure will look more slender and high . Better or not ?

Dare with the CCC: combo-tie-socks

We are here to innovate and learn new things and the CCC is one of them: combo-tie-sock . Basically, it consists of combining the socks taking into account the color or the pattern / pattern of the tie (not both, it would be too flashy). With this we will get a very noticeable contrast on both sides , highlighting the suit and getting it to have an even more relevant role in the set.

He looks young, modern and very transgressive but you have to be careful at what times and what suits you do, because for more formal occasions, job interviews, meetings or more solemn acts, of course it is not the best way to combine the three parts of the set. For everything else, good luck and try.

Horror, light suit and me without socks!

What if our suit is lighter than usual and we do not have socks that stick with it? Relax, it does not have to panic. For these occasions in which we believe that everything is lost, the key is to bet on the overall package; that is, same family of colors but different shades and, if possible, combined in a monochromatic way.

This in Christian means that we wear darker socks to the pants, but, 1 or 2 shades lighter than the shoe . In this way you create a chromatic scale that goes from lighter to darker (trousers – socks – shoe), achieving a continuity in the look and preventing it from distracting the eye.

Mental note :

never do it the other way around, because as we will tell you, with dark suits you can never bet on light socks .

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