Planning for older age

Whilst many people look forward to retirement and have dreams and plans for their new lifestyle, retirement can also come with its own emotional challenges. How you feel about this new stage of your life can affect your mood and even your relationships, but making plans and having things to look forward to can be exciting and set you on a new path of discovery and adventure.

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If you have children, when the last one leaves home, there will be a new sense of freedom and independence that will inevitably also be mixed with some sadness. In order to embrace your change in circumstances, why not consider downsizing and moving to an area with people who are at the same stage of life as you and share the same interests? If you struggle with everyday activities you can still enjoy the delights of your own home, especially if you enlist the services of a Live in Care Devon company who can help you keep your independence. This leaves you to enjoy your retirement and live in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Retirement is the perfect time to do all those things you have never had time to do until now. Visit the places you’ve always wanted to go and take the holidays you have been meaning to take. It is also a great time to set yourself new goals. Not all plans need to be quite as extreme as the retired handyman who is in his 70s and recently broke the record as the oldest-ever competitor in the world coal carrying championships in Yorkshire!

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You Time

After years of caring for your family and working hard in your job, having your own quiet space to enjoy is invaluable. It also gives you time to be able to enjoy some of the hobbies that you may have been too busy for in your working life.


If you have not had the time to be part of a larger community until now, retirement can be the perfect time for you to make new friends and benefit from feeling like part of the neighbourhood. There are many ways you can do this. A park home offers lots of opportunities to interact, get fit and try new activities such as cycling and walking, in addition to team sports, social clubs and events.

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