How to become a football coach

Becoming a professional football coach in the UK requires a FA coaching badge. This will level you up from a passionate football fan with a desire to teach to a full-fledged, qualified professional. According to the 2017 UK coaching statistical report, over 1.3 million sports coaches exist within the UK, adding to the ten-year rise from 53% to 82% of players who agree that coaches improve their performance. That’s why 84% of coaches undertake continuing development even though they are qualified.

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Obtaining formal football coaching qualifications

A formal qualification runs on specific levels to coach at the different levels of football.

FA Level 1 is the most popular, where coaches work with kids aged seven and older. It is a short course that takes just a few days, making it a fast track to be a football trainer.

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FA Level 2 takes 145 hours to complete and is ideal for football lovers with more experience as key football issues are covered. You cannot attend a Level 2 if you do not hold a Level 1.

FA Level 3 is suitable or equivalent to coaching UEFA B. You need to complete Level 1 and 2 first before proceeding. Here you will obtain all the skills to train players at a higher level and coach at the community level.

FA Level 4 enables you to coach UEFA A ,and you will be able to work as either a coach or manager in a professional game or as a youth academy manager. It is a short course, providing you have completed level 3. It takes place over 18 days.

FA Level 5 is the pro league; you can coach UEFA Pro after completing the 18-month process. You will also be able to coach Premier League football.

How coaches continue development or coach through informal methods

Coaches need a stepping stone that leads them to the core coaching pathway. They use valuable online resources and informative tools that instruct on developing young players. Here they learn how football training drills can help performance and how to be a football trainer that develops potential stars.

The main area of growth for football coaches’ training has been via the use of technology. In fact, 66% of all coaches watch internet football videos, while 78% work with or observe other coaches.


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