Ideas for keeping your hands busy

Some people need to keep their hands busy, so it is always good to have a project or hobby to hand when you get the urge to fiddle. These activities are all great choices for busy hands of all ages; what’s more, they have the bonus of being calming and providing plenty of mental focus.
Fidget toys

Fidget toys are not only very popular with children but also great for adults. You simply pop the flexible plastic shapes back and forward to create shapes or to complete a section. Completely addictive, they are very easy to transport and really good fun. Fidget toys can also help to manage the symptoms of anxiety, so they are useful before a potentially stressful situation.

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Face rollers

If you like to fidget when you are watching TV, why not grab a jade face roller and use it to do a gentle lymphatic massage on your face? It is easy to do, feels great, and is very beneficial for your skin. Place the roller in the fridge first and you will have the bonus of a cooling and de-puffing effect on your skin.

Knitting kit

Buy a knitting kit from a company such as and you will have a simple and enjoyable project to enjoy at any time, with all the materials provided. Knitting kits also make great gifts.

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Grab some pens and a colouring pad and you will have a wonderfully calming and immersive activity to enjoy anywhere and at any time. Colouring is ideal for children and adults and has been shown to have a variety of benefits, including stress relief and anxiety relief. The focus of the activity can be very calming and help reduce restlessness.

Which activities will you try to keep your hands busy?

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