The intriguing world of celebrities

When it comes to the world of celebrities it seems that no reality television show is off limits. There has been a sharp rise in these types of entertainment programs over the last decade with so many different ones to choose form. It is one of the reason why you might want to make sure that you contact TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham company to make sure that you have a crystal clear picture.

Here are some of the most popular celebrity reality television shows worldwide of all time.

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The Osbournes

The family of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne exploded onto our television screens with heir extravagant and outlandish lifestyles. We were treated to family arguments and explosive showdowns as well as numerous animals wandering through the family home. The show never shyed away from the more difficult moments with them openly discussing the effects of Sharon’s ongoing cancer battle and Ozzy’s recovering following an almost fatal accident.

Celebrity Big Brother

As if spying on the actions of everyday people wasn’t enough the reality classic decided to introduce a celebrity version. Millions of people tuned in for each series hoping to catch a glimpse of one of their favourite celebrities saying something controversial or acting out. Over the years we have been treated to many of these outbursts and the final year in 2018 was no exception.

The Simple Life

Following the pampered and incredibly privileged lives of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they attempt to carry out everyday jobs. Working in a funeral parlour and working with animals is not the first thing you think of when you hear their names. But in the name of entertainment this show is built on the premise of them going back to basics.

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Keeping up with the Kardashians

The Kardashians have taken all the best bits form previous celebrity family television shows and put them all together to make their incredibly successful series. Millions of people tune in to see what the family are up and what scandals will be revealed (as is inevitably the case). Having first launched in 2007, the youngest two Kardashian sisters have grown up through their teenage years with cameras following their every move. Now in its twelfth year the program shows not sign of slowing down. Oh, and Bruce Jenner is now Caitlynn Jenner!

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