3 Ways to Let Your Personality Show When Remodeling Your Home

A home is much more than a place you hang your coat up after a long day at work. It is also more than a shelter over your head. It is an extension of who you are. So, when remodeling a bathroom, den, kitchen, or deck, keep these three tips in mind and let your personality show!

Know Your Style

Some people enjoy bright, airy rooms with open windows and striking colors on the walls. Other individuals prefer wood covered walls, heavy curtains, and dark accents. To let your personality shine through in any room in your home, use the furnishings that reflect what you love most about the world. If you love open spaces, contact a home remodeling Austin TX company about tearing a wall down. If you love the outdoors, why not remodel your deck into a cozy nook where you can spend time reading or watching the stars? If you love long soaks in a hot bath, install a huge bathtub. For once, have it your way!

Show Your Colors

White, grey, or tan walls have been the norm in homes for many decades, but you don’t have to follow along with the rest of the world. Be yourself and find colors you love to decorate your castle. With thousands of colors to choose from, you can even paint every wall in your home a different color, if that is what you love.

Love What You Display

From door handles to pillows to wall art, know what you love and show the world by displaying it. If you enjoy house plants, fill your rooms with the living potted greenery. If you are a new-age enthusiast, stow crystals and Zen items around the rooms of your home. There are no rules when you decorate with what you love.

Make your home reflect your personality when you remodel by following the three steps above. Letting the world know who you are and what you love is an important part of self-expression – so, go for it.

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