Ways to Accent Your Kitchen

You may spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It is the place where you make your morning coffee and cook your evening dinner. It can be a gathering space for family and friends while you entertain them. The kitchen gets a lot of use. Show your kitchen some love and make it an aesthetically engaging place to hang out in.

Make Your Cabinets Pop

Kitchen cabinets may seem like a mundane part of your kitchen. The hardware on your cabinets can create a statement. Think about the handles on your cabinets. You can have them be smooth and brassy to make them sleek. Maybe you want something sparkling. Whatever your style, make them more exciting by undergoing some cabinet hardware renovations Appleton WI.

Paint Your Walls

The kitchen walls can also set the mood. Having everything be a neutral color may feel a little boring to you. You can think about adding an accent wall that pops. This wall is a brighter, different color than the surrounding walls. Think about the kind of aesthetic you would like in your kitchen. Paint colors can correspond to different emotions.

Think About Centerpieces

Centerpieces on the countertops, on the kitchen table, or the kitchen island can make things pop. You can think about different pieces depending on the season. Maybe for the springtime, you decorate with bouquets. When the winter comes around, think about having little fake snowmen. These pieces draw a visitor’s eye can be a great conversation starter.

Rotate Dinnerwear

Have a rotating selection of plates and silverware depending on the season. These can be patterned or varied in colors. This creates a fun variety that changes depending on the time of year.

Whatever you choose to upgrade, keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to experiment. This will help you find the items that just fit your new kitchen asthetic.

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