Making your conservatory work for you

The conservatory area of the house is something of an unsung hero. It sometimes finds itself as an impromptu storage area for gardening equipment or just general house junk. It’s also that part of the house that you move through to get to the garden. This is a great shame as it could become one of the best features of the home with a little planning, care and attention.

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It is also a great feature that can increase your property value.  So when someone has made you an offer, sought advice from firms such as Sam Conveyancing for Conveyancing Hemel Hempstead services and gone ahead, the property will command a higher buy price to allow you more range in where you go next.

First off all if it has a glass roof this might be putting you off using it. The glass roof idea might have seemed sound at the time but in hindsight you’ll probably be finding that it lets in too much sunlight making the conservatory stuffy in the summer. Conversely it lets out too much heat, despite being double glazed, in the winter. This does not have to be a situation that continues.

A warm roof is an insulated tiled roof that will replace the glass. It keeps out the heat and keeps it in in the winter. This allows you to make the conservatory a living room with fabulous views or even a home office, very relevant given our current national circumstances. The other option is to look at it becoming a family room, a place where everyone can come together for dinner or just have a natter about life.

Whatever your situation we advise make full use of the unsung hero, the humble conservatory.

Bespoke Tiled Roof Conservatory

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