Brand fanatics: How to create them

Experience is the latest trend in attracting customers. People are increasingly valuing experience over material goods, according to surveys. It could be the popularity of social media where people like to document and photograph unique moments, but it is clear that consumers want to experience moments of joy and enjoyment rather than buying something more tangible. How can a company take advantage of this trend in order to increase their fan base?

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Exclusive Events

Companies are rewarding loyal customers by offering them special experiences. Some examples include early access to product launches, beta-testing of new inventions, employee meet and greet sessions, and release parties. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grandiose, just as long as there is exclusivity as well as a sense of engagement.

Customers can choose their preferred communication channels

Today’s customers are accustomed to interacting with companies on various platforms. The days of only contacting a business via phone or email are long gone. Businesses that neglect their loyal customer base do so at great risk. These customers will quickly begin to post negative comments on the social media platforms the business neglected. If a small number of customers are using a particular platform, then the company should be there too. Any company, large or small, has the option to enable notifications in order to respond immediately to inquiries. Lack of response could cost you a client.

Buy bigger benefits

Amazon Prime is a good example. Some larger companies have realised that customers are willing to pay more for better benefits. Discounts for membership, special offers only available to members or exclusive event access are all ideas. A small membership fee will help customers to feel more connected with their favourite brands. The benefits and perks are worth the cost. For help with ideas from a Brand Strategy Agency, contact

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Marketing: Get more focused

When brands try to reach everyone using a generic approach, and not one that is personal, customers are very aware. When brands try to speak to everyone with a single approach, they are not heard. Even products and services that are simple to use may have customers with very different wants, needs and demographics. A more targeted marketing approach will initially cost more, but the benefits of planning for specific audiences and personalisation will be worth it. It is possible to make money and save money by offering different content to different segments of the marketplace.

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