Starting Your Own Brewery in Texas is a Breeze

Brewing beer has become a popular hobby throughout America, including Texas. If you find yourself with more beer than you can give out to your friends, you may want to think about monetizing it. It’s never too late for a career change!

Alcohol License

The one thing you absolutely need before selling your beer is a tabc license, so that your operation will be considered legal. The process involves a lot of paperwork and can be a bit tricky. To make sure it is done properly, you can hire a Texas-specific alcohol consulting firms to handle it for you. These firms also speed up the process from the usual 6 months to as little as 60 days.

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The most important consideration for your location is its capacity for brewing and storing your beer. Don’t think too much about the front-end appeal, all you really need is room for a bar top and taps. Warehouse spaces end up working well, usually. If you can find something with an available outdoor area, even better- that’s what will draw the people. Seating can be as simple as a bunch of picnic tables.


Depending on your space, there are a plethora of fun add-ons you can try out to make your brewery unique. Invite a food truck to camp out on your property to keep your guests fed. Host live music or an open mic night, local bands won’t cost much. If you have a sizable outdoor area, set up games like corn-hole or horseshoes. String up twinkle lights to make it feel magical. The aesthetic of a backyard party often goes over very well with the beer crowd.

Microbreweries are a popular destination for happy hour or a sunny Saturday. You don’t need a big fancy building, as long as there is plenty of seating and good beer, people will come.

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