Safe as Houses – How to Make sure your Home is Safe from Burglaries

Because now most of us are once again going back out there in daily life to school and to work, as well as being able to go off on holiday, something that we should all be thinking about is the security of our home  when we are not there.

Burglars can strike anywhere, so making sure that your home is as safe as can be (or even as safe as houses!) is something that you should definitely be thinking about now if you haven’t already done so.

Unfortunately, many people only start to think more about home security after they have been the victims of a burglary. Don’t wait for that to happen – here are some things that can help to make your home safer…

Lighting – In the winter in particular, having good lighting around the home is a great way to make it more secure. A burglar is much more likely to target a house where they are less likely to be spotted, so having lighting around the outside of your home is a good way to reduce the risk of them making your home a target! You can use solar lighting in the garden too, which also looks lovely during the summer evenings when you want that outdoor time to go on a bit longer.

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Doors and Windows – Make sure that your doors and windows are secure and have working locks. Even though it can be tempting in the summer, never leaves windows open or even on the latch when you aren’t home as this is a common way for a burglar to access your home. Lock doors too, even if you are in the garden as burglars have been known to enter a home and take things even when the people who live there have just been in the garden.

Sheds and Garages – The outdoor structures also will be attractive to a burglar. Sheds and garages are a common target as they often contain high value items like tools and of course your car and are easier for a burglar to get to with less risk of being caught. Make sure that your sheds and garages are locked and secured safely every day, and protect your car too with something like this ghost immobiliser that will give you extra peace of mind, especially if you do not have a garage to keep the car in.

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Fences and Boundaries – A common route that burglars will use to gain access to a property is over the back and into the garden. Make sure that your garden boundaries are all secure, especially in areas that are less visible. Make repairs to fences and use plants and shrubs that are prickly and spiky around the edge of the garden.



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