Packing ideas for craft businesses

If you run a craft business you will have looked at ways in which you can get your products delivered to your customers. As well as deciding between taking numerous trips to the post office you might also look at using a Same Day Courier Bracknell company such as, you will also have to choose between a number of packaging items.

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Boxes can be a great choice if you have lots of different products that customers tend to buy in one shopping session. You can find boxes in a number of different sizes and shapes so that you can fit in products of equally differing sizes and shapes.

If you have items of clothing or textiles that you send to customers you could look to use recyclable bags. These are often made of compostable material and they can be found in lots of different colours and patterns. They come with a self-seal edge that makes it quick and easy for you to close your packaging ready for delivery.

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When using boxes you will want to think about how to secure your products in the boxes to help prevent them from sliding around during delivery. You can use eco-friendly packing beans, shredded paper as well as corrugated cardboard. There are also compostable bags that are filled with air that can be placed around your items.

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