3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Horse

Most children of having a horse of their very own. Now that you’re an adult, that dream may just become a reality. Getting your first horse is an exciting prospect, but it’s something that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Here are a few things to consider before you get a horse.

Where Will the Horse Live?

Horses need a lot of space. They need a stable to sleep in and plenty of space to run. They’ll need shelter to protect them from wind, rain, and heat. If you don’t live on a significant amount of property, boarding is a possibility. Search your local area and call nearby stables to see if they have space and how much boarding will cost.

Will You Have the Time for It?

A horse requires a lot of time. It needs to be fed, cleaned, cleaned up after, and given water. It needs to be let out during the day and put back in the stable at night. Your horse will require regular exercise and playtime. It needs plenty of love and attention or else it can get lonely. Ideally, your horse should have another horse for companionship, but you should still make sure that you’ll have the time necessary to devote to them.

Can You Afford the Vet Bills?

The cost of horse ownership can be quite high. From food and bedding to tools and other care products, the price adds up. Medical bills can also be quite high. You can get horse insurance, which will help to alleviate the costs of some medical expenses. Even so, be sure that you will have the money necessary to provide your horse with everything that it needs.

Before getting a horse, you must consider every aspect of ownership. Spend some time at a local stable and get to learn just what horse ownership is all about. Talk to current owners and see what they love (and what they don’t). Then, when you’re ready, it’s time to get your new companion.

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