Pallet racking stacking

Pallets have become a common site in warehouses across the world, and they provide an effective and efficient means of handling and storing a wide range of products. Any time pallets are used, it is essential that they’re stacked in the proper manner to maintain health and safety standards.

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The issues of incorrect stacking

Health and safety is a prime consideration for all businesses, and one of the biggest areas for accidents is the handling of goods. The use of pallet racking enables companies to incorporate more automated handling of goods, which reduces the risk of injury from manual handling and makes the operation more productive and efficient.

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Top tips for stacking pallets

The incorporation of pallet racking within a storage site is one of the most effective ways of storing goods, but it’s essential that they are used in the correct way.

Uniform stacking

The first important point regarding the stacking of pallets is to make sure they’re all the same size and shape. This maintains a level stack and means that those at the top have a lower risk of falling.

The correct height

When you use pallet racking or garage shelving such as the solutions available at , it’s crucial that they are not stacked too high or those at the top could fall. You also need to ensure that the stack of pallets will fit on the racking. Don’t overstack the top rack as it could become unstable if knocked.

Weight problems

When you’re stacking heavy goods, make sure you know the maximum load that the pallet can take, along with the racking and forklift. Overloaded pallets are at risk of breaking, and pallet racks can bend if too much weight is put on them.

Be careful of loose products

If the goods you’re storing are not wrapped or boxed properly, you need to cover them with plastic or another type of wrapping material to stop them from falling off the pallet. This should be carried out before they are moved using a forklift.

Even stacks

Before pallets are moved, check they are stacked evenly or they might move while they’re on the forklift or when stored for a long time. The most stable way to do this is to position the heavier items in the middle.

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