How To Bale Hay

Along the countryside as you drive by, you can see large, round bales of hay waiting to be taken in to be stored. How does the grass around it become those bundles? Here are the steps to bind those bales of hay together.

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Mowing It Down

Before you can move the bales with a double bale hay spear, you need to get the growing product down to bundle it. When you mow it down, you will want to cut it down at the base of the hay. The mower that you use will drop the stalk flat on the ground as it passes over. It is best to make only one pass over as not to damage the grass.

Spread It Out

Once you are done mowing, you will then use the tedder to spread the hay out over the ground so it can dry out. If the hay is wet at all, it will mold within the bundle of hay. You will operate this machine in the opposite direction that you cut the hay down.

Rake Through It

When the hay is dried out, your will drag the rake through it. This separates the grass into rows so the baler can scoop it up easier. This process is quick and can be done in any direction you wish.

Bundle It Up

Now that the hay is in rows to be picked up, you will have to make sure it is dry again one more time before you start baling. You will drive the baler over the rows of dry grass and it will pick it up. When it is full, you will indicate to the baler to wrap the hay up. Once the machine is finished, it will push the bale out onto the ground so you can keep on. When you have the space to store it, you can retrieve it with a hay spear and take it out of the field.

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