Choosing the right chairs for your restaurant

Your ideal restaurant seating concepts might consist of stools, chairs, booths or sofas but whichever style you choose, it will play a crucial role in setting the tone and atmosphere of your restaurant. Getting this wrong could even mean loss of business. Before ordering any seating, consider the following factors:

Restaurant Size

For smaller spaces, where you don’t want to damage the open flow of footfall between the kitchen and seated area, compact wall booths might be a sensible option. Measure out the exact space you can devote to seating before buying any furniture. That way, you stand a better chance of selecting just the right size tables and chairs.

Remember that diners won’t appreciate being squeezed into a space like sardines. Until you’ve established yourself as the best eatery in town, customers won’t put up with less than satisfactory seating arrangements, even if it allows you to serve more food. Focus on enjoyment first and foremost, before considering maximum capacity.

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Theme or Restaurant Style

The furniture you choose is highly dependent on the design of your restaurant. If your establishment is all about laid-back family dining, then plastic chairs and booths might fit nicely. For fine dining, fabric seating might be a better option. Will there be children in your restaurant? Consider the spillage and cost of replacement when deciding on the best seating options. A great all-rounder is the Tolix Style Chair from Pash Classics. The Tolix Style Chair has been a favourite of stylish bars and eateries since the mid-20th century when it was first designed.

The Available Budget

Another big consideration will be how much money you have available for your furniture. You might fall in love with a design, but if it eats up too much of your initial start-up funds then it’s time to look for a cheaper version. You might be considering purchasing used restaurant furniture but be sure to check before you buy for any tears or rips to fabric and loose joints. Remember also that these will wear out quicker than new furniture.

The best features to look for when buying restaurant seating:

Easy-to-clean designs especially for those catering for family groups.

If purchasing fabric seats, be sure to treat it with a stain resistant coating. Budget for an annual professional clean as well.

Don’t forget about your waiting area, if you have one. Small couches and armchairs should be hard-wearing and easy to clean, such as leather for example. Avoid plastic in this area, as this is the customer’s first impression of your establishment so make it as comfortable and appealing as possible.

The most important things are that you find a style you love, a material that’s durable and low maintenance and that offers a perfect balance of comfort and appeal for your customers.


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