Mini F1 Grand Prix hosted by Miami

When Miami was proposed as the next location to be added to the Grand Prix calendar, it seemed to be a great idea all around. You can see the appeal – Miami’s picturesque backdrop combined with miles of space waiting to be used would make it highly desirable for the F1 organisers. This combined with the existing tourist appeal of the city, with South Beach’s sandy shores bringing in millions of people each year, would make it a desirable hotspot for any event.

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Opposition to the plans

Despite the overwhelming majority being in favour of Miami being added to the calendar, the idea did raise some concerns. One of these concerns was voiced by four-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who criticised the uninspiring layout of the track. He suggested that designers should seek the advice of seasoned drivers to build a great new track on which to race.

The plans for the 2019 Grand Prix were ultimately put on hold due to concerns from existing residents about the potential disruption to otherwise quiet areas. This is something F1 is working on and is hoping to resolve for the planned 2020 event.

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Where can I see the Grand Prix?

If you are feeling disappointed about the postponing of the race in Miami, fear not! The US has another F1 event, which is the US Grand Prix in Texas. If you are desperate to get up close and personal with the F1 stars, why not consider taking advantage of the F1 Paddock Club United States experience offered by sporting events companies.  This exclusive experience will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the entertainment up close and mingle with VIP stars and drivers.  You will have a brilliant day and you don’t need to worry as the organisers will have Event Medical Cover that should cover everyone there on the day which i’m sure they would have sourced from

What about the mini Grand Prix?

Despite the plans being dashed, this has not deterred the organisers from arranging a ‘mini’ Grand Prix. This will be a demonstration event and is scheduled to take place on 17 October, five days before the US Grand Prix takes place in Texas. The street demo will be a four-day ‘fan festival’, featuring a line-up of supercars, giant screens, a stage and more. It is sure to be a fantastic event and one that aptly builds up the excitement for the actual Grand Prix just a few days later.


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