The Three Step Process of an Arrest, Booking, and Bail

If you find yourself facing a police officer that wants information from you and your friends, you may want to comply with him or her until you find out what the problem is. If, during the course of the meeting you find yourself handcuffed and sitting on the side of the road waiting for further information, don’t despair. Even if you get arrested it isn’t the end of the world, just the beginning of a new and slightly confusing adventure. Here are four things to know about the three-step process of an arrest, booking, and bail.

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An arrest doesn’t begin when you find yourself in the back of a police car. Instead, it commences the moment you are read your Miranda Rights or Miranda Warning. You will probably be asked a million questions you don’t want to answer, and remember you were given the right to be quiet and not answer questions in the Miranda Warning. Why not comply and refuse to say anything you don’t need to?


You will be booked, or processed, into the system when an officer enters your name and personal information into the computer. He or she will ask you quite a few questions about yourself, and unless it complicates your case, it is best to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Examples of possible questions include your address, identifying features, and parent’s names.


You will be scheduled for a meeting with a judge in which you will be told the charges against you and how much your bail will be. You are then free to have a family member or friend contact a Dauphin County bail bonds company to arrange for bond and to get you released from jail.

The best thing you can do for yourself through the whole arrest process is to be courteous and quiet. When you get a chance, contact an attorney for help.

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