Topping Ideas for your Premium Pizza

Pizza is a delicious, versatile food. Long gone are the days when we would be happy with a plain cheese and tomato pizza to throw into the oven on a Friday evening. We expect more from our food now. With an abundance of fresh ingredients available and access to more exotic produce in our supermarkets, why not try something a bit more daring?

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Mushrooms and fontina cheese

According to research, we tend to stick to the same toppings, such as cheese, pepperoni, black olives, pineapple, sausage and bacon. How about swapping the traditional ham and mushroom for a delicious mixed mushroom pizza made with fontina cheese? Add some extra virgin olive oil and serve with a fried egg on top.

Swiss Chard, sausage and mozzarella

Give pizza ovens a treat by adding some chard, Italian sausage and mozzarella to your base. Why not give it a little extra heat by adding some dried chillies at the end of the cooking time? The chard should create a beautiful sweet flavour, whilst the sausage gives it a lovely meaty texture.

Peach, Ricotta and Honey

While some may find it absurd to try pizza as a dessert, this combination of flavours will leave you in no doubt that it is a very refreshing change from cake. Slather the pizza base in ricotta and top with peaches and honey, then pop it under the grill to caramelise. To go overboard, why not have a delicious pizza for the main course, too?

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Figs, rosemary and parmesan

To create this beautiful pizza, you must have the perfect pizza bases available. Combine the figs, rosemary and parmesan to top your dough, then add a little mozzarella for some extra cheese.

Mascarpone with smoked salmon and red onion

This creamy pizza makes an excellent substitute for the traditional salty anchovy variety. While mascarpone is the ideal cheese topping for this, why not try another cream cheese? In addition to the red onion, you could also add some capers to give it a little extra flavour.

Chicken, avocado and cherry tomatoes

Looking to combine a salad with a pizza? Add together these toppings for your pizza. When it has finished cooking, add your favourite leaves, such as rocket, and flavoured oils.

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