3 Ways to Winterproof Your Home

If you live in an area where winters are cold and snowy, you’ll want to take a few steps to winterproof your home. Protecting your house from the elements early can save you from spending extra on heating costs or having to repair damages.

Prepare Your Roof for Snow

Make sure your roof is ready for the potential weight of a blanket of snow by having it evaluated by a professional inspector. While shoveling roofs isn’t a desirable part of anyone’s winter plans, sometimes it’s necessary. Luckily, there are expert services you can hire if Mother Nature throws an extra layer of powder on your home. To further prevent a possible disaster, you can spring for a roof alarm system that will alert you before the load becomes too heavy.

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Freshen Up the Fireplace

Utilizing a fireplace can help cut down on heating costs when Jack Frost comes to town. However, if your hearth and chimney are outdated and run-down, you may not be able to heat your home efficiently. Fireplace racks can often become misshapen making the wood burn poorly and unevenly and an old and dilapidated flue can let precious heat escape.

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Change the Filter in Your Furnace

An unclean filter means a less effective heater. Over time, your furnace may become filled with dirt and dust that causes your HVAC to work twice as hard and last half as long. Investing in new filters now can save you the costs of replacing your entire heating and ventilation system later. Installing fresh filtration may even help reduce the risk of catching a winter cold as overloaded filters can’t trap airborne pollutants as efficiently.

Winterproofing your home can not only keep you warmer when the frosty weather arrives but it can also save you money on heating and damage repair. Take the time to prepare your house early on so you can make the most of your winter season.

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