Working on a Farm

Whether you’re starting your own farm or looking to work on someone else’s, there are many things to consider if you are interested in working on a farm. Agricultural work is difficult and at times risky, but it also provide many opportunities for education and community. Here are a few of the ways you can get started working on a farm.

Start Your Own Farm

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work on a farm, but you want to be your own boss. Why not consider starting your own farm? While it is complicated, it can be very rewarding. Owning and working your own farm allows you to follow your own values, choose your own employees, and produce the product you want. Make sure to conduct lots of research before you dive in. Where do you want your farm to be? What types of crops are you going to produce? How big do you want your operation to be? Take the time to research and learn from others before starting your own project.

Work on Someone Else’s Farm

Perhaps you don’t want the responsibility of owning your own farm. You can still enjoy the benefits of farm work by working someone else’s land. There are many programs that allow you to work on a farm temporarily or permanently throughout the year. You can join a group that promotes education and community by having visitors share in the workload while providing room and board. If you are a seasonal or migrant worker, you can obtain an h2a visa in order to work on a farm temporarily and still receive the proper benefits.

Working on a farm can provide opportunities in education, community, and employment. Whether you’re starting your own farm or being employed by someone else’s, you can find many ways to enjoy working on a farm.

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