How to Purge Your Stuff

We’re all guilty of it: Hanging onto objects that are seemingly useless, but we can’t let them go. If you’ve got a clutter problem, this is your sign to take control of it. Reclaim your home and your life by purging your stuff.

Start Small

Don’t decide that you’re going to tackle an entire room in one day; all that will happen is the room will look like a bomb went off and you will be frustrated and overwhelmed. Instead, why not start with a single closet or cabinet? Empty everything out entirely and get rid of the dust on walls and shelves. Wipe out with wiping rags and all-purpose cleaner to freshen the space.

Get Rid of Extras

Remember Grandma’s rule of three for linens: One in the closet, one in use, one in the wash. This applies to everything from sheet sets to towels to washcloths. If you find yourself with extras when you go through all your things, toss or donate them. Choose the items in the best condition to keep, but get rid of the rest.

The rules are different when you go through your kitchen, since you do need multiples of certain things. But when you purge your drawers, think about what items you actually use and what is just taking up space. Cut your losses and decide if you really need to hang onto your three spaghetti servers and two lemon zesters.

Be Totally Honest With Yourself

Simply stated: If you don’t use, need or want the item, it needs to go. Be practical-minded in deciding what you keep and what you don’t. When things take up a lot of space they can be visually distracting and in the end, just become dust collectors. Think carefully about what you’re hanging onto and ask yourself why.

It’s satisfying to look around a decluttered space. Having fewer things helps you feel freer and makes your home to feel like yours again.

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