What is Ascot Famous For?

Ascot in Berkshire, England is primarily world famous for the racecourse, which stages one of the world’s premier thoroughbred racing events, established in 1711 by Queen Anne. Since its founding, the racecourse has been patronised by eleven monarchs. The Royal Ascot has had links with the royal family since its inception and is located only six miles from Windsor.

Horses racing at Royal Ascot

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The town’s Royal Stand was first constructed in the 1790s by Windsor builder George Slingsby. King George IV commissioned the Royal Enclosure in 1845. King George IV only allowed members of the royal family to access the Royal Enclosure. However, in recent years, as more celebrities are attracted to Ascot, the Royal Stand has been open to the public for the first time.

The Royal family has long attended the races at Ascot, and the event has become synonymous with them. King George IV introduced formal Royal Processions to the racecourse in 1825, which continue today. The ruling monarch and their family arrive at the racecourse at the start of the day. The Royal Standard is then raised, and a horse-drawn carriage follows the path of the racecourse.

There are plenty of other useful services to be found in the town, such as Ascot solicitors. For more information, visit https://www.parachutelaw.co.uk Ascot is an attractive town entirely dominated by the presence of the racecourse. There are also gardens and golf clubs, shops and restaurants, making Ascot a stunning place to visit even when the races aren’t taking place. For afternoon teas, champagne, high fashion and horses, Ascot is definitely the place to be.



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