The Powerful Simplicity of a Computer Software signing in book.

Used on a daily basis by Central Government, Care Homes, Medical Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and small businesses everywhere, the Computer Software Signing in Book or Visitor Management System is Simple to operate yet Powerful in its capabilities. Accurately recording every individual person that comes in and out of your premises, using a barcode system that identifies the person, your foolproof software will ensure that nobody is unaccounted for in the event of a fire evacuation or other emergency.

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No more relying on an individual to laboriously write every detail down in a book every time a staff member, visitor or contractor comes into your building, a quick, easy option that offers complete reliability and clear, concise information. If you want everyone to wear a badge then this futuristic system can create and print them and they can even include a photograph if you want. If your staff already use Key Fobs or Identity Cards, they can easily be linked to this state-of-the-art Management System. Your individual Branding, logos, and images can all be incorporated and you can add your own up to date themes or campaigns.

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There are many strict rules and regulations enforced by the Government Called the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations.  All systems must fully meet the new EU rules and guidelines, regarding personal data stored on computers or the old-fashioned written method, but this particular system not only complies with them all but exceeds recommendations.

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