The Risks of Flooding and Taking Care of your Drains

Something which is causing a risk as global warming and climate change start to increase is flooding. Flooding is something that can have many causes – from bad weather and storms to homes that are built on flood plain. It is always worth ensuring that you are prepared should the worst happen, and also being aware of your flood risk – for example, if you live somewhere that is near a river, or on lower lying land, you are much more susceptible to flooding, so action should be taken accordingly.

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Something that can be at risk when your home floods are the drains and the plumbing. Something that you can do regularly is to ensure that your drains are in good condition so that if there is a flood there is less likely to be serious damage. It is better to find a professional like this drain lining company to come out and give your drains a health check – if there are any existing problems or damage to the drains, they will be able to fix this and reduce the risk of serious damage to the drains from flooding.

One of the main problems with drains when flooding occurs are caused by blockages. Blockages in a drainage system can be caused by many different things, from leaves and moss that has got into the drain, especially over the autumn and winter months, as well as things that have been put down the drains that have built up and caused blockages. Items like nappies, baby wipes, sanitary products, oils and fats, hair and even dental floss are all common causes of blockages in drains, so it is important to be aware of this.

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Something else that it is good to be aware of that causes extensive damage to pipes and drains underground are the roots of trees. If you have trees near to your property, this is another good reason to get your drains checked regularly, as the roots of trees will seek out damp underground places – such as drains – and can cause cracks and breakages to the pipes. The longer that this is left, the more damage there will be, so this shows why it is so important to have drains checked regularly, as they are not something that you see, and it can be a long time before you notice a problem.

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