What is a coach-house?

A coach-house might just be the option that a first-time buyer or second homeowner might well be looking for. They offer a good compromise in terms of space and cost. The buying of a coach house is subject to the same legal process as with any property purchase. Therefore, you will need the assistance of a decent conveyancer like Sam Conveyancing to help you. So what is a coach house, and why is it such a popular choice for first-time buyers? Looking at Home owner news articles before you buy will give you more ideas as to the property types available.

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Firstly, a coach house is a dwelling that is above several garages or even an open-air carport. It is an example of the builders making the utmost use of the space available to them. The coach-house is becoming a very common site on modern estates. The property will be accessed by an open side staircase or a central covered one. Secondly, the coach-house will likely have the option of one of the garages or spaces below being available for the occupant to use. This is excellent news if you have a car, as properties that come with a garage are usually quite expensive.

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The home is an all-encompassing level that usually boasts two sizable bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and toilet with a living room and kitchen diner for a young couple or individual looking to get onto the property ladder. You may not get a garden, but at least you’ll finally have a space that is all your own.

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