How to organise a volunteering event for your members

Whether you want to celebrate an occasion, raise money for charity or become an active member of society, here are some tips and tricks on how to organise a successful volunteering event, from the procedures involved to health and safety guidelines and licences.

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When it comes to organising such events, you can deal with all your administrative tasks with ease with membership management software.

Entertainment ideas

You can hold bingo or race nights without a license if it is for a good cause. You will not need entertainment licences between the hours of 8am and 11pm for live music, plays or dances, karaoke and indoor sporting events.

Firework displays or Chinese sky lanterns are perfect for celebratory occasions. You must be familiar with the health and safety measures, along with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents guidelines. Of course, membership management software can mange all your membership-related activities.

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You will not need a license to provide alcohol if it is not being sold. Therefore, alcohol can be prizes for raffles. The owner of the venue must have a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate.

Health and safety procedures

It is important to have safety procedures in place in case of an emergency. Consider the layout of the event, with pathways for people and car parks for vehicles. Can it cater for the amount of people attending? Are there enough entrances to prevent overcrowding? Keep the location free from trip hazards and have first aid arrangements. Manage your operations in one place with membership management software, making you more efficient and effective.

You must discuss fire safety arrangements with the venue owner. Alarms must be working, exits must be clear and fire extinguishers/blankets must be provided. For food safety, you must have suitable washing facilities and know the food’s contents for people with allergies. Follow food labelling regulations for further guidance.

You do not need insurance of you want to hold a volunteering event, but having public liability insurance is a good way of covering yourself if something does go wrong or someone decides to makes a complaint. This is especially handy if you are not the landowner and are hiring equipment or offering other services, such as food and rides.


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