10 tips to make the purchase well

If you just landed in this post you already have a point earned, surely you have researched on the internet and have come to these tips, or out of curiosity you have said, ” Surely I will come with some idea of ​​yummy “.

Try to stay with 2 or 3 points of this text and I assure you that you will do a little better your purchase. Going to the super, market or store of confidence is an act of repetition, and if you apply any of these ideas on a daily basis, I assure you that you save and you will make the purchase much better.g any recipe of the blog, you must have the ingredients at home, they do not make you all have them, in some case you can improvise, but it is essential that to cook an egg you have an egg.

In my case it is difficult to go to a market of supplies to buy, I usually end up in the supermarket in front of the house.

Peppers But if you can is a great option, to buy choose what best suits you: your neighborhood market, or a good supermarket, without neglecting the small neighborhood store of all life, which still has some product that interests you.

If you live in a small city it is easier to buy in a market and complement in other types of establishments. If you live in larger cities you will have to value where to buy.

Go shopping is important but to do it well you must plan. Write down everything on paper, think that even if you have an elephant memory you can always forget something, it’s not the first time that I’m going to buy super olive oil and I come without it.

Supermarket advertising is based on compulsive buying. Protect your budget and purchase according to your shopping list.

In most families, the budget for food is the first expense of the house, well, after the mortgage. Organizing to buy can save money, time and energy .

In this blog you will find different types of recipes with different budgets, from the simplest (most) to the dinners of special occasions.

Tips and recommendations to make the purchase well

01. Plan the purchase on the days that there are products on sale or in promotion, is a tip that I always tell you at Christmas to save on those dates but that can be applied to the whole year. You can save 50% on purchases if you go straight to the point. Read the advertising brochures that they leave in the mailbox from time to time, I assure you that it is good.

02. Buy what you need , do not make an excessive list. I do not want to go to the super become idle, you must be practical and not waste time. Not being 2 hours making the purchase of the entire month, better purchases more spaced and short, than excessive. The rush, the lack of time or the simple comfort can suppose that to make the purchase sometimes it leaves very expensive. It is necessary that when you plan the recipes that you are going to do, first check what is in the fridge, the freezer, the pantry or the cabinets before buying new foods.


03. Buy seasonal products , the blog has a very cool summary where you will know what to buy and when. Citrus fruits in winter and strawberries in summer are much cheaper than out of season. Buy fresh seasonal products, and you’ll save.

04. Calculate the prices per unit. Large packages do not always come out cheaper, if you are going to make salmon and orange toast for 2 you do not need to buy half a kilo of salmon. Calculate by the price of each unit, or by the price per peso. This way you will see the best price for each product, whatever the size.

05. Let yourself be advised by the professionals of the sector, butcher, fishmonger or fruit seller of confidence. Usually they are good professionals and they take care of the client, they will advise you what you need. If you go with the list and tell him what you are going to prepare, they will surely help you, they will even give you ideas for other occasions.

06. Look for the “hook items” of supermarkets and supermarkets. Each week there are usually advertisements for highly discounted products to attract consumers, usually with olive oil, sugar, bread or a certain fish. Offers “3 for 2”, “second unit at half price”, “family packs”, … take advantage, marketing is for everyone, for them and for you. So you can make more economical recipes, you just need to spend a little time thinking about what to do and how. They also help customer or loyalty cards of your super every day will give you benefits. By checking out each purchase, points are accumulated, discounts are usually made or free services are provided, such as taking the order to the address at no cost. It is convenient, then, to have it always at hand. I have 2 only, do not go crazy with this advice, I know some friend who has 20 cards .

07. If you leave work at 8:00 pm and go to the super, you’re probably going to go hungry … bad idea. You will catch the first thing that happens to you and you will dine sadly on anything. Try to go shopping at the weekend or in a free ratillo of the week.

08. I know it’s complicated, but if you have children, avoid going with them . It’s a big mistake, marketing works better with them and they can fill the shopping cart with products that you do not need. Although there are adults more children than the children themselves, do not be capricious, I repeat, stick to the list.

09. Buying online in some cases is essential. You can get the same quality and price as in your trusted site. I buy flour, oil and citrus fruits every month from suppliers that I do not know physically but with whom I have more treatment than with my usual fishmonger.

10. After the purchase, analyze and review what you have spent. There may be failures, we are all human. When you arrive home, place the purchase when before you start cooking.

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