Just finished University in Gloucester and looking for a rewarding career in the Care Industry.

Working your way diligently through a good Primary School and then a great Senior School, you applied and were accepted at the prestigious University of Gloucester. Having completed your three years of studies and passed every module with flying colours you are ready to start your new Career in the Care Industry.  Looking to gain more practical experience you apply to a reputable and professional Agency who are specialists in providing qualified individuals with Carer Jobs in Gloucester. You want plenty of varied positions, a smart and practical uniform and a reliable vehicle to take you safely around the city. You know that the experienced Agency you have applied to join are well respected in the local community and have plenty of clients of all descriptions for you to support.

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Your plan is to work your way slowly up to the top of the Care Agency you have chosen to work for and eventually become part of their Senior Management Team.  All your studies have led you to this point and you are fully prepared academically to take on the practical role of a professional Carer.

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Your own personality traits of empathy, compassion, patience, and understanding run alongside your more practical abilities of being able to keep calm, working well alone or with a team of Carers and keeping accurate well written records. You will be valued and well respected by your colleagues and will have a long and rewarding Career.

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