How to Buy the Right Boiler for Your Needs

Buying the right boiler can seem like a minefield. Get it wrong and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted thousands of pounds. Get it right and you’ll save money in the long run with excellent energy-efficiency and low maintenance costs. Here’s how to buy the right boiler for your needs.

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What Type Of Boiler Do I Need?

There are three main types of gas boiler for domestic use:

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– Heat only boiler: requires hot and cold water tanks and is suitable for a large property
– System boiler: requires only a hot water tank and is ideal for low water pressure
– Combi boiler: provides heat and hot water on demand but is best for a small house or flat

Ask your heating engineer for their opinion on the best style of boiler for your heating system.

Sizing Your Boiler

To get the right boiler you need to know the physical size of the boiler and whether you have space to house it and how much heat and hot water it can provide. Ask a heating engineer for their opinion before you decide on a boiler installation Gloucester homeowners and businesses approve of from a reputable company like

Next you need to make an accurate assessment of your heating and hot water needs – how many bathrooms you have and how many radiators you need to heat. Look for reviews that give an indication of the type of property a boiler is suitable for and its dimensions so you can begin to shortlist models that are right for your home.


If you’re looking to make your home greener by reducing your C02 emissions and becoming more energy-efficient, it pays to know that your boiler accounts for around 60% of your greenhouse gas emissions.

Look for a modern condensing boiler with around 90% efficiency to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint. Replacing an old boiler can save you up to a third on your heating bills annually, so always buy the most efficient model your budget will stretch to. Replacing your boiler every ten years will offset its increasing inefficiency.

Buy Reliability

The best boiler brands will operate virtually fault-free over their projected lifespan. That means doing your research to find the most efficient and reliable brands that you can buy with confidence.


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