5 Plumbing Industry Trends to Know

Businesses must evolve if they want to survive. Here are 5 plumbing industry trends you should know.

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Online Engagement

The days of having to pick up the telephone to call a plumber are over. Now many people prefer to deal with their tradespeople via text or WhatsApp. This makes it easier, but it means that the plumbing industry needs to have updated their technology if they want to keep bringing in business.

Customers Need to Be Educated

It is easy for a customer to look online to find the cheapest quote. However, you often get what you pay for and that is why many plumbers recommend quality over price. Customers think they want the cheapest option, but they don’t want to pay out too often, so they need products that are built to last, whether it’s copper pipe from Watkins and Powis or a new shower. It’s the plumbing industry’s job to educate them.

Customer Reviews Can Make or Break a Business

These days customers can leave reviews whether they have had good or bad service and more of them are inclined to do so. A complimentary review can lead to a lot more business and a bad review can do quite the opposite, so customer feedback is becoming a lot more important than it used to be.

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Customers Are More Environmentally Aware

Everyone is becoming more environmentally aware these days, and this looks set to continue in the future. Whether it be the energy performance certificate they get when they are buying a house, their awareness of water consumption, or their awareness of how heat is lost in their homes.

There is More Demand for Good Plumbers

As people turn away from apprenticeships in favour of getting a degree and an office job, this leaves fewer tradespeople in a time when more are needed. It is no longer the case that people will only call a plumber when their heating or hot water goes wrong. These days they want to make sure they can cut costs on their heating bills by having the most energy-efficient system. This means that there is more business around than there used to be and this creates a perfect storm for a hard-working plumber.

There is a great future ahead for the plumbing industry. Keeping up with the latest trends will ensure you can stay ahead of the competition.

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