Fashion spring summer 2019 in 10 Trends

The silhouette with well marked waist, fluorine colors, tie-dye, paillettes, pleating, animal print, sixties flowers, ruches, ruffles, fringes, fishnet effect, leather, 80s; in the fashion trends spring summer 2019 we really find options for all tastes.

The fashion proposals that we have seen in the international catwalks come with many new features but also confirm many trends that we have been carrying these last season so take notes of what is left in our closet and new clothes that will be a hole the next season.

10 trends PV19

1. YEARS 80 

Oversized blazers, XXL shoulder pads, large cuffed sleeves and many typically eighties elements revive their momentum.

We have been talking about the return of fashion in the 80s , the novelty is the mixture of elements and materials. In Chanel the blazers are very oversize, in Balenciaga we see the XXL shoulder pads while Louis Vuitton makes a mix and match of iconic eighties elements with high tech materials. In his proposal is also a nod to the geometric and very colorful style of the mythical Memphis Group of the 80s.


Romantic, elegant and very sophisticated, pleating is one of the trendiest chic of the season.

In the fashion spring summer 2019 we wear in dresses and skirts that we combine with t-shirt and baggy jersey, always marking the waist with maxi belts or with belt bag as they ask for the fashions of the moment. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.


Already last summer we began to see how the fashion of the biker pants was made with the most fashionistas and this 2019 consolidates the trend of wearing the cyclists tights for street looks . In fact next to the safari style shorts will be the most trendy shorts of the season .

The inspiration is the classic biker pants sports aesthetics but in stores we will find options for all tastes.

They will take the cyclist tights in its more classic version in black or in fluorine colors and in technical fabrics such as neoprene or reinterpreted in a chic key, even in denim fabric.


Follow the fashion of animal print in all its variants also for this PV19, we already talked about how to carry the animal print  but the novelty is that in its more trendy version the animal print is dyed in fluorine colors. Trend perfect to not go unnoticed. The fashion of neon so eighties colors makes the animalier trend for a really explosive combination.

For those who do not dare with neon colors, there is no need to worry, the animalier will still be taking on its more classic version.


In this post we talked about the fashionable colors of spring summer 2019  and we already knew that we were going to see many bright and vivid colors this coming season.

Yellow, red, fuchsia, blue klein; really the neon colors will be the main protagonists of the pv19. In total look or just a detail, the trendy will be to give a neon touch to our looks.

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No news, every spring the garments are again filled with flowers. What changes is the type of flowers and the way to carry them.

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The floral prints in the fashion spring summer 2019 have a marked vintage air. Some seem even taken from the tapestry of the grandmother’s house, others are of clear Japanese inspiration and those with more vivid colors recall the 60s.


Of inspiration totally seventies but reinvented with very vibrant colors sometimes even psychedelic. Take back the tie-dye and all your party spirit.


High-rise trousers and striking belts mark the seasonal silhouette. This spring summer 2019 the fashion will be to mark the waist very well and the belt bags together to the maxi belts will continue to be the best allies to wear this seasonal trend.


The most trendy dresses of pv19 wrap us in a network that makes direct reference to the sea and the world of fishing.

They are dressed in a network that speaks of craftsmanship and play overlays and transparencies. The red effect dress will be the must-have garment of a trend in which all the prestige of handmade garments is recovered. Fringes, knots, crochet, macramé, … natural materials and the most traditional handmade work is ready to relive its golden age.


Another classic that is repeated. Polka dots in their classic black & white version are still very fashionable.

In the fashion proposal pv19 many designers have taken out polka-dot garments, most of the time in black and white and with pois of medium size, a classic that seems to never go out of style. For those who want to dare a little more free way to the mix and match of polka dot prints or a little color following the seasonal color trends.

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