Men’s smart casual fashion ideas in winter

We have just started the winter of 2018 and we are already thinking about the next one. This is how the main male catwalks work, the same ones that have just closed with almost a year of forecasting and leaving the trend books full of new proposals, among which reign practicality, oversize silhouettes and the swing between two decades icon, the 70s, and 90s. We show you men’s smart casual fashion ideas. In this article, we review all the parades and separate the grain from the straw to analyze what will be the keys of the winter of 2019.

Men’s smart casual fashion ideas

Men can make himself a gentleman. So here we give you some casual fashion ideas for men. It can make you a perfect gentleman.

The tendency

Practicality seems to be one of the main concerns for next winter, which is why many firms have opted for multi-pocket parkas, wide coats to wear over suits or baggy pants so as not to feel any kind of opening during office hours. But, above all, it is cold in the winter, and the creatives want to warm us well so that they can go out without any worries. Therefore, we can say that the art of layering is the main trend collected in the catwalks: turtleneck + shirt + overshirt / cagoul + coat + scarf. Do not worry, you will not look like snowballs if you apply a trick: work the volumes of the garments. Put the ones with the finest tissue in the interior and see them thickening as you put them on top.

The silhouette, men’s smart casual fashion ideas


Oversize will be the word you hear most in the compilations of trends and the silhouette that you will see most in the fast fashion stores next season. This winter we had an attempt, but the one that comes will be a reality in its more languid and long-distance version. We have seen it in practically all the parades regardless of the city in which it is celebrated: Dries Van Noten, Wooyoungmi, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Prada, Dsquared2 … And the list could be infinite. The silhouette, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

The key garment

The coat, without a doubt, is the piece in which you must invest. The next winter falls to below the shin, either in cloth or parka format. It’s the best way to approach the oversize silhouette we talked about. For a first victorious approach, put it well on the shoulders and let it fall, as they do in Dirk Bikkembergs or Ermenegildo Zegna. Also to add the dropped shoulder, as proposed by Prada or Stella McCartney, better leave it for the expert level.

The tissue, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

The wool cloth is always recurrent when the cold arrives, although the fabric that has been walked the most by the footbridges is the sheep, both in the form of lining and on the outside of the coats. If you have not invested in it yet, we do not know what you are waiting for.

The decade, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

Two periods have been fought in a duel at this year’s shows. Anota: 70s for the formal wardrobe and 90 for the casual. Your more groomed looks will lengthen the jackets, raise the size of the trousers and bell them slightly, and even incorporate the leather. When we are more relaxed, the large silhouettes and the urbanwear will flood our wardrobe with short bustiers, straight trousers, zippered sweatshirts.

Costume, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

The icons of English music of the 70 will be your great reference to go to the office. Always keep in mind Mick Jagger or David Bowie (a Harry Styles if you think more current, but keeping the distance). The jackets recover the powerful shoulders -either by their construction or by the incorporation of discreet shoulder pads-, they are slightly girdled at the waist and lengthen their skirt creating an hourglass silhouette. And as for the pants, you can definitely forget the rigorous slim fit: baggy (straight with or without folds at the waist) and even slightly flared at the bottom will be the tonic.

The pants, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

This piece will completely change its silhouette. The low-waist cigarettes practically disappear to give way to the high waists – usually with pleats and wide legs or narrow and slightly flared at the end. The length of the bass will adopt extremes: ankle or extra long.

The color

The navy blue, black, gray and beige (that even reach the creams) will remain immortal basic, although if there is a color that has stood out for its constant appearance is the green hunting.

The stamping, men’s smart casual fashion ideas

The paintings are your thing. The prince of Wales predominates, although the versions are endless, either as the main point of a look (as in Paul Smith or Kenzo, which mix it with plain colors) or in combination with different sizes of paintings.


Forget the ugly slippers (at least until Demna Gvasalia -Balenciaga, Vetements- says the opposite), the white silhouette training are the ones that have traveled the most international catwalks, from Valentino to Rick Owens. Of course, not everything will be casual shoes, the boots will seize the shoemakers, both cordoned to match suit and silhouette the seventies (square toe and Cuban heel).

The complements

Fanny packs, fanny packs everywhere. Small and leather, canvas and crossed, size XXL, hung as a bandolier. The fanny pack is confirmed as the final complement next winter.

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