How to start my clothing business

More and more people are encouraging themselves to start a business, be it to be their own boss, to have economic independence, to obtain extra income, etc.The truth is that although it is not easy, the returns generated can surprise us when a small business is well organized.

This time we have given the task of concentrating in this article the most important points that you must take into account to start your business.

How to start my clothing business

The first step is to carry out a general planning where you will specify the type of clothes to be sold, what would your potential suppliers be ?, how much money do you plan to invest ?, the possible premises that you can rent.

Make a study of your market .

Analyze which will be your main competitors, the type of clothing they handle, the prices, to whom their products are aimed (children, junior, youth, extra sizes, sports, etc).

As well as their strengths and weaknesses which will serve you to know what not to  do and detect your areas of opportunity.

Define your own concept

Once you have done your market research you can define your concept, to whom your product will be directed, the type of garments you will be handling, you can design a logo that identifies you.

Find your suppliers

however you must take into account which is the closest to you, the safest, with the best prices, and the per diem required to move to any of these points.

Another alternative is to look for reliable suppliers over the internet in this way you will be saving travel expenses, you will not take risks in terms of personal security, and you will not have to invest too much time looking for your merchandise.

However you must be careful as there are frauds on the internet that is why you should make sure that the site where you buy will meet your expectations.

A safe and effective option is where you will find a variety of models, with novel designs, you can also make your payment through the payment market or pay pal for your safety.

Manage necessary procedures

All business must be regular and for this you must meet certain requirements, if you do not know about the required procedures you can advise or hire an accountant to help you with the requirements established to start your business.

Make a business plan.

In this way you will become aware of the problems that may arise before they occur and you can ensure financing for your business.


Every business requires several investments which vary depending on the location, size of the place, the type of product that will be handled.

There are those who are able to self finance their business, if you must apply for a loan do it properly.

Choose the location

A good location can do a lot for your business, it is undoubtedly one of the key pieces to make it work, look for a place with good traffic and with possibilities of growth.

You must have enough space to display and store your products and preferably have a parking space for your customers.

Once you have the place at your disposal is important conditioning, you should look for a decoration that makes your product look and that is in accordance with your concept, choose light colors on your walls, and look after your lighting looking to highlight the colors of your clothes

It is not always necessary to spend too much on shelves and decorations, there are very economical alternatives that are also fashionable as is recycling.


Define an advertising strategy to attract customers, you can hold opening events or create a promotion, it is very important that you ask your family and friends to promote you with your acquaintances. Most of the times, advertising by recommendation is more effective.

Remember to always have a kind treatment with your clients because they are the ones who will make you the best promotion.

This is how we have come to the end of this little guide we hope it will serve you, and we wish you the best of luck when undertaking your business.

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