Can you Install a Television Aerial on a Static Caravan or Mobile Home?

If you live in a static caravan, or have one that you use for holidays, you probably want to be able to get a good television signal in it. Like in a traditional building, you can certainly have an aerial installed by a professional like tv aerial installation Stroud based company this however there are variations and different things to consider to ensure that the aerial works well for you.

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A smaller aerial is likely to be a much better choice for this type of home. This is because it is lighter, and without the strength of bricks to fit brackets onto, it is better to find a lighter weight option. It is not just the weight of the aerial but also the fact that the wind blowing can put more pressure on the brackets, and a heavier aerial can be more at risk of causing damage to the structure.

If you have a motorhome, it is also possible to fit an aerial into it, however, the same rules apply, and it is important to get professional advice to ensure that you not only have a suitable aerial but a suitable place to mount the aerial onto so that it is safe and secure.

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Most static homes and caravans will have a board known as a fascia board, which is the best place to mount the aerial onto. It is possible to mount an aerial without this however, so this is something to discuss with your installer when you are arranging for your new aerial to be fitted.

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