June 2, 2023

It’s great to know that there are so many tandems who like sewing as much as I do and who like to invest part of their time in front of a sewing machine and concentrates creating things for others or for themselves, and even more great is know what you enjoy while doing it. Sewing is something very rewarding.

I promise that if you get bitten by the “worm”, you decide to learn to sew and discover that you like it, sewing will become very important in your life and will give you very good moments.

If you have sewing concerns, you are learning to sew or seriously considering doing it today I bring you 10 tips that will help you learn to sew faster and more effectively .



As with anything in life that we want to achieve, when you seriously consider that you want to learn how to sew you have to make that decision as a goal to achieveĀ  and do everything possible to achieve it, but we will not go crazy, You know that sewing in a pleasure and what we have to do, above all things, is to enjoy.


This may seem something of a truism, but it is true that many times we try, not only to move faster than necessary, but to launch ourselves to do costurile projects for which we still do not have the knowledge or the necessary practice and we are frustrated to see that we are not able to make them.

It is important that you start with simple and basic projects that help you learn to sew gradually and with logic.

I advise you that when you go to face a new project you ask if you know how to make all its parts separately, for example, if you want to make a zipper case: do I know how to sew in a corner? Would you know how to put a lining? And sew a zipper? … if the answers to all the questions are yes; ahead!; but if you doubt in any of them it is better that you practice that particular part first and then launch yourself to carry out the complete project.


When we want to learn to sew any source of information is valid, whether they are magazines, YouTube videos, blog entries, specialized publications …anything goes to learn new things. If you stay attentive to the different sources of information you will learn faster and you will be able to give an account of all the possibilities that sewing offers you.


This point is quite related to the first (focus our goal), although in the case of the objective we refer to learning to sew in general, with this point what I want to say is that you focus your goals , if you want to learn to sew clothes for you same practice to get it, if you want to learn to sew clothes for your children practice to get it and so with anything you want.



To learn how to sew you will have to sacrifice time that you used to invest in other things . Time will become your best ally, the more time you invest the faster you will learn and the better you will do it.


I used to waste a lot of time organizing before I started sewing, so as I said before, spend a little time before going to practice with your sewing machine to collect if you have everything you need , thus you will avoid many dead times.


For example, I hate to make arrangements on clothes, I get bored because they are “jack, horse and king”, if I had focused on making arrangements when I started to learn how to sew for sure it had not lasted or a newscast … it is important that you do things that you like and that you like and that you can feel proud of once you have finished them.


My Mother, if I were to count here the costurile mistakes I have made, this entry would be like “Don Quixote”, in fact it is weird the day I start sewing and I am not mistaken in anything.

The errors are normal and more when you are learning, so be patient and do not be too demanding with yourselves , laugh at your mistakes. If you have to unstitch to re-sew it is done, period, the world is not going to end much less.


Apart from informing you, reading and researching, something that can help you a lot is to do sewing courses, I advise you to do all the courses that are put before you, of which you have references and you can afford, it is incredible what is learn in a sewing course, and not only learn but also have fun and you can share your hobby with people with tastes similar to yours. Highly recommended!


If something is going to make you learn to sew and also take that learning to fruition is that you have fun and you enjoy not only the result but also the road. So you know, the most important thing is to enjoy and be happy , everything else is secondary.

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