The Essential Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Event

Planning a large outdoor event can be a very overwhelming task. There is a lot of organising that goes into it, and without the right checklist this may not run smoothly. From booking the right venue, to having medical staff and food and drink for the attendees, there is a lot to think about. In this article, we will give you a detailed checklist to help you plan your outdoor event.

The first step of organising your event, should be booking a suitable venue. When doing this, you should consider a lot of aspects, including the accessibility, for example how easy is it for people to find? Do they offer parking for attendees? You should also consider the size of the venue and make sure that it will be able to fit all your attendees and still leave a lot of room for all the equipment the event requires. If you are hosting a music event, you should consider the size and acoustics of the venue to make sure that it is suitable.


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When organising an event, you should also consider the medical staff that will be required. It is important to have medical personnel on site during your event in case there is a medical emergency. You should arrange for a fully qualified medical team to be at the event from the time it starts, until it ends. Depending on how large your event will be, it may be a good idea to have multiple medical stations so there will always be medical staff near the attendees. You can find a company online that provides Event Medical Cover. An example of one of these companies is

Providing food and drink is essential for all outdoor events. You should consider all the dietary requirements of your attendees and provide food to suit them. If you plan on selling alcohol, you will need to make sure you have the necessary licences to do this. It is also important that you have enough food and drink to accommodate everyone, as you do not want the problem of running out of water and having your attendees dehydrate.

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Attendees will also need a place to rest during the course of the event. This is why it is important to provide shade and seating locations, so people can escape the sun and rest. You can do this by providing tents, umbrellas or using other existing structures.

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