Denim Makes Its Way Into Fashion

From your website available to buy branded clothing online we want to talk about the denim that makes its way into fashion . Denim fabric is fashionable because of its versatility and comfort at the time of use; Both characteristics have made many people prefer the jeans fabric over others, in fact, this industry has been able to generate 48 billion euros a year and continues to set an unstoppable trend. Are you interested in knowing how to be a participant in these styles? Keep reading and you will know.

Denim is here to stay

During the Middle Ages, in the town of Nimes (France), the mission of the weavers was to find a resistant fabric. The result was a fabric made from cotton fibers mixed with colors, especially indigo blue. The blue color reflects and transmits strength and strength by nature, from there to being the main one when talking about denim.

The “Fabric of Nimes”, as it was called in the beginning, did not achieve the desired hue as such (its color varied between green and brown or the same indigo). Then they found a way to market it in red and blue. Their strength and ability to withstand wind, water, complex working conditions or friction were more than enough qualities to sell the textile.

In 1853, the German Levi Strauss popularized it in the USA. especially for the work sector with the famous denim overalls , but little by little it was taking its place in fashion to see them in all kinds of garments: skirts, jeans, jackets, shorts, etc.

Denim makes its way into fashion

After the Second World War there was a boom among the youths when wearing jeans. If we continue in time, in the 60s and 70s, the denim trousers were a distinctive feature of the hippie counterculture and the denim skirt began to be seen. The 80s was a period of innovation with clothes torn and discolored , in fact, brands like Calvin Klein become popular for cowboys.

In the 90s it remained in force, however, between 1995 and 1999 it experienced drops in the market, but it returned to the course because the garments derived from denim were reinvented until they became indispensable.

Today, its usefulness is varied so we will tell you how to wear denim so you can learn to dress for every occasion .

Skirts and their chic touch

In the summer, the “mini” skirts or the short ones that are tight are gaining strength, but the buttoned cowboy skirts are not far behind either. The ideal is to combine them with floral prints or something more ethnic . With what to use those that are buttoned?

  • Flat sandals with a blouse that exposes your shoulders.
  • Printed t-shirt with messages, logos, Converse shoes and a jacket.
  • Boots with some heels, a three-quarter sleeve shirt, skirt and accessories (glasses, earrings, etc.).
  • Platform shoes with a sleeveless blouse and hair accessories, for example, bandanas.
  • Long-sleeved blouses (blue), your skirt and metallic accessories: a bag.

These are some looks for skirts, but do not hesitate to share your combinations to enrich the theme.

A classic: jeans

The trousers are a must-buy item in the wardrobe as they allow you to combine them and not mess up with casual costume choices. In the same way, it makes you look good for its functionality and comfort. This season and in the next continues the command of the tight trousers of light tones , they are perfect for any summer attire.

If you want other options you have the bell type, which end at the height of the ankle and are in vogue in the highest spheres of fashion. Sandals and heels is the preferred footwear for these cropped jeans as they are known.

Wearing worn and faded clothes also represent a great decision because you can wear it with whatever you like, blouses, tops, etc.

Shorts and dresses

The use of shorts admits the monochromatic or total denim style . If you play with different shades of denim and make the proper contrast, you will surely get a look. A denim long sleeve shirt looks very well knotted at the waist or inside the shorts, plus, you have the freedom to add a jacket to the attire.

In summer do not forget these short pieces because they will help you at times when you want to show a carefree image and even something more elegant and chic. Another combination that does not fail are the shirts that show the shoulders and flat sandals.

The tendency to show the shoulders are also evident in denim fabric dresses are comfortable, practical and showy thanks to the ruffles incorporated during their preparation. This piece is very comfortable for those who decide to leave home in this warm season.

Shirts and denim jackets

The shirts are combinable with dress skirts, have the freedom to decide what you think is suitable, although one recommendation is to place one with sequins or embroidery and your heels.

Do you have a short dress that you like a lot? Perfect, as it serves to wear under a long sleeve denim or windbreaker shirt. The idea is that you experience and in that process you manage to feel sure of yourself without being ashamed of what you are wearing.

The hunters will remove that rebellious and irreverent side that perhaps you do not show so often and the best thing is that they go excellent with the sophisticated pieces of your closet whether it is a vaporous dress or some other metallic garment.

Denim makes its way into fashion in summer and will continue in the fall. In the portal of Vogue magazine  you will see the cover of September in allusion to the autumn showing the jean in all its splendor. What did you think about the topic? What is your favorite garment in denim? Tell us and share the content on the networks if you liked it.

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