What are the benefits of hand packing?

When you have goods that need packing, you are probably considering your options for how this will be done. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing hand packing:

SaferSome products are too fragile to be suitable for machine packing and therefore, hand packing is ideal for the safe wrapping of delicate or fragile goods.

Awkward – Some goods are a difficult shape or size so don’t do well with machine wrapping. For problematic packing, hand packing is the best option.

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Category – If products need to be organised into different criteria such as by colour, size, shape or any other specification, this is easier to achieve with hand packing services.

Add ons – When tags or any other addition are required, it is far easier to attach to hand packed goods. To find out more about Contract Packing, visit a site like wyepak.co.uk/contract-packing

Speed – For quick runs or last minute loads, hand packing is quicker and easier to set up. It is also more economical for short term runs.

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Personal touch – When products would benefit from a unique personal touch, hand packing provides more attractive and bespoke options to create something special to wow customers. This is often chosen for premium items and luxury brands, for example.

Some examples of goods that could benefit from hand packing include gift sets, stationery and printed items, mugs, glasses, toiletries, cosmetics and ornaments. If you need packing solutions for items like these, consider the benefits of hand packing.

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