How to Spot a Bad Candidate During the Interview Process

When running a business, the interview process is a very crucial stage. Making the decision of which candidate to hire can make or break your company. Reading a CV and qualifications can help give you a basic idea of a candidate, but the interview provides the opportunity to really assess if they are fit for the role. However, identifying red flags during an interview can still be challenging. In this article, we will give you some tips, so you can go into an interview and be able to spot the red flags that could be present in a bad candidate.

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The first red flag you should look out for during a job interview is lack of preparation. If you interview a candidate and they appear unprepared and lack basic knowledge about your company or the job role they are applying for, it could be a sign that they are not that interested in the job. A lack of preparation is also a red flag, as it shows a lack of initiative and a lack of respect towards your company.

You should also be looking out for poor communication skills. If you are hiring for a more sociable role, such as sales, this is extremely important to look out for. You should pay attention to how the candidate articulates their thoughts, how actively they listen to you and how they respond to questions. If your candidate lacks these attributes and does not engage in eye contact during the interview, it could indicate that they have poor communication skills, which could make them a bad choice for your job role.

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Another trait that you should look out for is a lack of curiosity or eagerness to learn. A good candidate should be interested in your company and how it operates, as these people will be more interested in seeing your company grow and succeed. However, if you are interviewing a candidate that does not show any interest towards you or your business, then this could be a major red flag, as they will most likely not be interested in seeing your business succeed if they earned the job role.

Looking out for these red flags during an interview can be challenging. However, you can choose to have your candidates vetted first before the interview, by using a recruitment agency. If you want to fill a procurement role, you can contact a procurement recruitment agency who can give you suitable candidates that should not show any of the red flags explained in this article.

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