Why Are Shaker Kitchens So Popular?

Planning a kitchen refurbishment can be overwhelming. With so many different styles, materials, colours and budgets available, how do you choose your new kitchen? There is one style of kitchen that looks good in any house. Shaker kitchens have never gone out of fashion because the traditional, unfussy design improves any kitchen space.

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

Even if you’re not sure what a Shaker kitchen looks like, you will have seen plenty of them. You may even have one in your own home without realising it! The style originated from the “Shaking Quakers” almost three centuries ago and, like most Quaker furniture, the kitchens are traditionally hand-crafted and made to last.

What Does a Shaker Kitchen Look Like?

A Shaker kitchen has cabinet doors with a recessed centre panel and a raised frame. The doors often have knobs or cup handles but look good with other handle designs too.

Traditionally, the cupboard doors are the standard wide rectangle, but slim Shaker doors are becoming increasingly popular and work well in smaller or more awkward kitchen spaces. Specialist kitchen suppliers such as  www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk  have a range of Shaker kitchens for ideas.

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Why are Shaker Kitchens so Popular?

You will find Shaker kitchens for sale everywhere, whether you’re considering a kitchen refurbishment Surrey, Lancashire or Somerset. Why? Because Shaker kitchens look good, they are durable and versatile, and they never go out of date. The traditional design works equally well in a country cottage, a 1900s terrace or a modern new-build.

The beauty of a Shaker kitchen is that small details can transform the aesthetic. Brushed brass handles and taps and a Belfast sink instil nostalgia whereas sleek brushed-nickel handles and taps paired with a stainless-steel sink offer a more contemporary, clean style. For inspiration, the Homes & Gardens website has lots of ideas.

Are Shaker Kitchens Expensive?

Traditionally, Shaker kitchens were hand-crafted from solid wood and were a costly investment. However, these days factory designs and replica materials mean that a Shaker kitchen is more affordable.

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