How to Identify a Great Nursing Facility

There are several factors to consider to choose a nursing facility that offers the highest level of care for seniors. First and foremost, you should choose a skilled nursing facility Missouri with friendly staff. The environment should be clean and free of odors, including urine and disinfectants. Residents should also be dressed in clean clothing and not wear jewelry. Also, the nursing home should have a homey atmosphere and marked rooms. Finally, meaningful information about the facility should be posted on the wall.

Staff Turnover

Staff turnover in a nursing facility is essential in determining patient care quality. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, there is a direct correlation between staffing levels and quality outcomes. A high staff turnover rate can result in burnout and compromised performance. It also can lead to missed opportunities to address critical changes in resident acuity levels.

The study team interviewed nursing home administrators and direct care providers to learn about factors influencing staff turnover. The participants were also asked for suggestions for reducing turnover and facilitating less disruptive transitions when turnover occurs.

Infection Control Program

An infection control program is integral to the well-being of residents and staff members. It includes surveillance and analysis of infection data and monitoring antibiotic use. It also consists of a collaborative effort with other departments of the facility. Therefore, it should target areas that can provide the most benefit to residents and staff members.

The survey included questions about the organization and staffing of infection control committees. Infection control committee meetings were frequent, and approximately one-third of respondents participated in a collaborative. However, the survey also revealed that the turnover of IPs, the director of nursing, and facility administrators were high (more than three times in the last three years). Further, a higher turnover rate among IPs was associated with higher infection control citations.

Nurses who are in charge of infection control have a special responsibility. The nurses must work with all staff members to ensure sanitary practices are followed. They must also communicate with doctors to determine the most effective plans for each patient. In addition, since infection control is fast-paced, nurses must stay informed of the latest techniques and technologies.


Activities are a great way to keep residents engaged. They provide entertainment, encourage manual dexterity and promote a sense of purpose. Residents can participate in art projects or group activities like knitting or quilting. Quilting groups often hold regular sessions; some quilts are auctioned off to raise money for the facility. Residents can also learn rug weaving, an activity that can be done individually or as part of a group.

Gardening is another popular activity. Some residents enjoy growing herbs in window gardens or growing flowers in pots. However, most nursing home residents can no longer maintain a traditional garden fully. Some nursing facilities have a volunteer program to help support the parks. This allows residents receive fresh air and sunshine. It also helps to reduce stress.

Respect For Residents’ Privacy

As a patient in a nursing facility, you deserve respect for your privacy and dignity. A good facility will ensure you have both. If a nursing home does not respect your privacy, you might consider finding another place. You might be able to talk to the nursing home staff and administration about the problem, but you may need to contact a lawyer if you feel that your rights have been violated.

When you tour a nursing home, watch how staff members interact with the residents. Staff members should treat residents with dignity and respect and be supportive and friendly. Note the attitude of staff members – if the staff is not happy with their job, your loved one may not feel comfortable living there.

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