How to market your fundraiser

If you’re planning a fundraiser event, guarantee its success with effective marketing. Without promotion, who will know your event is happening? If no-one knows about it, how will you raise the money? This is why marketing your fundraiser is so important. You want to avoid empty seats and low donation amounts. Here are some useful tips to market your fundraiser:

  1. Secure those sponsors

Sponsors are a vital source of funding as well as a perfect opportunity to to attract a much wider range of attendees. Once you have secured a sponsor, work hard to ensure they have a great experience to increase the likelihood of them partnering with you again in the future. Remember to keep them fully informed about commitment levels and updates on the event planning as it progresses.

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  1. Custom merchandise

Design and sell custom merchandise to create excitement and buzz around the upcoming event. Merchandise provides multiple benefits – it raises brand awareness, serves as a thank you for donors, generate additional revenue and provide a platform for your sponsors to advertise too.

  1. Market your best bits

Consider what are the most exciting and interesting aspects of your event and focus of those for marketing. You want to attract the most attendees as you can. Don’t forget your cause though. If you need help with planning an event, contact an Events Agency Dublin, like Davis Events. An Events Agency Dublin can take care of the logisitcs, while you focus on the important fundraising.

  1. The cause

If your main focus is passion for the cause, tap into the market of others who share the same passions. This is a great way to build long-lasting relationships. Some ideas for focusing on the cause during an event include a slideshow projected onto a screen at the event, a video or a guest speaker. Just remember to focus on genuine and heartfelt experiences.

A brochure can also work well, full of information about your cause, its history and ongoing projects. Attendees can take it home and read it in more depth. It can also be passed around and read by people who weren’t at your event. Whichever method you choose, be sure to display your efforts so you can gain authority in your field of expertise.

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  1. Be sure to have a great follow-up strategy

Everyone who contributed to the fundraiser should receive a thank you within 3 days. That goes for fundraisers, donors, attendees and sponsors. Depending on the size of the event, this could be an email, a letter or even better, a phone call for the more personal touch.

Donors will be more likely to donate in the future if know they have made a positive impact to your charity. A regular newsletter is an easy way to do this. This lets them know how much was raised on the night and provides them with important updates on your cause.

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