6 Business ideas for young entrepreneurs without investment

Most successful entrepreneurs started as teenage entrepreneurs. In a previous article we saw how to promote the entrepreneurial character of children . It is clear that many teenagers want to start in business, but they need the idea.

For that reason, we have taken 6 business ideas that many of the current millionaires used to win their first small capital, and although we have focused these ideas for young people, older people could also choose some of them.

What business can start a young person without needing to invest hardly money?

“Superior” errand service.

A voice suddenly, many will think that this is not a business, now, if we take a look at our neighborhood, we will always find older people and people with lack of time. Pick up dry cleaning clothes, take a package to the post office, bring the purchase of an old woman from the supermarket so that it does not take weight … once I read that one of the most important courier companies in the world was born, although in this case we will not think in that, but in making money by helping others. That’s what business is: “selling a product or service that has potential customers and satisfies a need” . We have both requirements and the price you put.

 Social Media for small businesses.

The young people of today who have been born in full technological boom, have the gift of mastery in social networks without having to go through the university. Many of them are already prepared to be ” Community Manager “. Probably in your area there are small shops that have never considered having a presence in social networks to think that they would not get profitability, but for a small fee and a good explanation, you could show that even selling in a small neighborhood, something can be do in social networks.

As you gain experience in Social Media, you will be able to aspire to larger companies. I am sure that many of the agencies that now provide this type of services, began offering it to small entrepreneurs known. Way to get your first customers: Call your door one by one.

 Internet and Social Networks for the elderly.

Many older people are lonely and bored at home. Some would like to meet people online, but do not know where to start, others would like to find a partner but do not have even the most basic knowledge.

Although there are centers that teach these people to manage the internet and all its services, you can make a difference by offering a personalized service. Let’s call this business idea “Technological advice for the elderly”.

You can teach them to create profiles in social networks, the use of Chats, Messenger and even inscribe them in dating pages. Who says that the third age would not be interested in the entertainment that the younger ones have?

Manufacture of homemade candles.

For less than $ 90 in wax and equipment, anyone can start a candle making business (simple, aromatic, decorative …). With a little creativity and following the steps that any good entrepreneur should follow, this could be a profitable business.

To whom do I sell the candles? Candles can be sold to your neighbors and friends, and if they are aromatic candles, there are many massage centers that would love the idea. You can even sell them in stores and on the same Ebay. This product is sold, so if you are able to do the necessary field work, you could take a surprise in the income.

Web design services and blogs.

Going back to the technologies, many people want to have a personal blog of their own, in the same way that some small businesses are considering opening a web page.

If you master this topic and make a reasonable price, we would have a business niche here. We must remember that not everyone likes to lose 2 days in learning to make a blog, and perhaps they would be willing to pay $ 100 or $ 150 to see it finished. In the same way, if your knowledge is even more advanced to the point of being able to set up a simple online store for a small business, you will have competition, but it will depend on your sales skills to get you a piece of the market.

Miscellaneous services:

There are many ways to earn money with our skills or doing what the client does not want to do , such as cleaning your garage, storage room or your home. Likewise, the babysitting service is still requested, but what if, besides offering us as a babysitter, we offer the possibility that the time we are taking care of the child we teach him anything?


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