How to use Instagram to get new customers

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks today. And the best part is that it has a much greater reach than you imagine.Its potential is not limited to an application to share photos, but with it you can even get new customers, without having to invest large amounts of money . In fact, all that is needed is a good strategy and have clear objectives.An important aspect that we must consider is that with Instagram the important thing is not to have an endless list of followers, but to build a solid audience in which users can be potential customers.

If you have 20 followers and these 20 users buy your product, then this list is more valuable than the one that has 2,000 followers and in which nobody buys.

So, how to attract more customers using Instagram? Follow these tips:

Use hashtags

They will serve to monitor the topic that interests you, since Instagram hosts millions of photos that may interest a very large audience. Therefore, hashtags are important, to identify which are the most relevant content for your business and discover who is interested in that specific content.

You can not abuse the hashtags , you should filter the most important ones (recommended between 5 and 10). And to know which are the most relevant for your audience, I advise you to resort to a tool like Websta.

The hashtags also must be consistent with the image that is published as well as the brand. Another detail is to avoid the use of hashtags in the description of the image and to do so in a comment.

Give to receive likes

Some users respond with a like when someone has first liked their posts. However, it is not about giving like any photo, but the most appropriate publications.

As in the previous point, you should make like the publications that have the most popular hashtags and related to the subject you are dealing with .

Make comments

When a user observes that they have commented on some of their publications, it feels special and this motivates other users to interact with the brand.

The publications that are commented should also be related to the themes of the brand, do not forget it.

Follow other users

This encourages you to visit the profile that has followed you. But in addition to getting visibility, you’ll get them to follow you. The users you must follow are those who are really interested in what the brand promotes,  so it will be necessary to go to the hashtags that interest you to reach those users who can become potential customers.

A good option is also to explore the list of users of brands that are competitors , or others that are related.

Offer good content

This will be a decisive factor so that the user who visits the profile decides to follow the account and become a client. For this, good quality images must be published, which are not blurred or pixelated.

If the publications carry text, then it must be clear, typographies that are not easily understood should be avoided. Avoid also publishing a collage with too many photos and in the end you can not distinguish any.

All the images must go in consonance with the brand and, of course, generate value for the users.

Avoid saturating with promotions

Here lies the importance of publications with value for users. If it is only published for commercial purposes, users will get bored and will end up going.

Publish without spelling errors

Nothing loses so much the confidence of a user in the brand that it finds spelling errors in the publications. Careful with this!

Create original contents

It is good to know the strategy of the competition, but plagiarism should be avoided. This does not mean that it is negative to inspire others, on the contrary. Inspire yourself in other brands to create original and creative publications. Likewise, any type of publication that may be offensive should be avoided.

Humanize publications

To reach more of your audience and connect with them, use more ’emojis’ and teach who is behind the brand. The more closeness users feel, the more confidence they will have to become customers.

Read to users

Answer all your questions and use the same tone in which they express themselves. Reading them can also give you clues about their interests, their motivations and their concerns . This information will be useful to generate the following publications.

Make short videos

Videos that show what the brand does for its customers. Users love to know what goes on behind the cameras, who the protagonists are and what story they hide.

You can also publish tutorials to show users how to solve the most common problems they have or simply a video that answers your questions or frequently asked questions.

Promote the account

Through another account dedicated to the same . If both accounts have a good number of followers, then this strategy will be effective. Both accounts are promoted in your profile making mention.


The courses are another way to gain followers. Users are asked to tag other users to follow the account and as a reward you can give away a service offered by the brand.

However, although this works to gain followers, it does not guarantee that these followers will become customers. However, it is a good opportunity to teach more people the services or products that you offer.

Leave a link in your biography

And next to that link, an action call for users to follow you. Some publications may also have a call to action  (CTA) in order to visit their products. That CTA will take you to the link that is in the biography.

Work with influencers

It is another resource to which many brands are coming, given that the followers of these celebrities tend to be loyal. For example, when influencers recommend a product, many users buy it without thinking, just because that person has recommended it.

Be careful, you must select the most suitable influencer . It is better if what this does relates to the brand and its values.

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