Practices and documents necessary for the civil ceremony

The civil marriage is governed in its entirety by the laws of the State also with regard to practices, timing, rights and duties of the spouses. Here we have summarized some useful information for bureaucratic purposes even for special cases.

Today the taboo that forced to differentiate the wedding dress in the civil ceremony compared to the classical one, used in the religious ceremony, preferring in the first case a short wedding dress or even a suit. The ceremonies are therefore also equated for the importance of the preparations or for wedding favors , however they differ substantially due to the bureaucratic process. So let’s see the practice and documents necessary to perform the civil ceremony.

Practices and documents

Although you have already started your preparations and you are already assessing your wedding favors ideas , the start of the bureaucratic process begins when you go to the Civil Status Office in your town of residence or in one of you two, to request the necessary documents or the birth certificate and the context certificate (residence, citizenship and free status, in order to verify your actual intention to join in marriage, aware and free from further restrictions).

Remember to always bring a document of recognition and, if you can not be both present, it is sufficient the delegation of the absent spouse or, even, the request can be made by a third person in possession of both the delegations and the copy of your documents .  in your town of residence, after having ascertained that the marriage can be freely contracted. After the deadline for publication and if no one has presented an exception, the permit is issued at the wedding and therefore the marriage can be regularly celebrated.


The bureaucratic process that initiates the celebration of marriage according to the civil ceremony, has been defined by the Civil Status Law and, thanks to the introduction of self-certification, has been significantly streamlined from the moment in which the City will take charge of the documentation necessary to complete the bureaucracy. First of all, we advise you to go to the Civil Status Office at least two months before the date chosen for the wedding, in order to carry out everything calmly and even if problems arise.

The publications will have to remain exposed for 8 days , after which they still wait 3 days for possible oppositions; once the permit has been issued, the marriage must necessarily be carried out within the period of 180 days , the loss of validity. Approximately and in total, it takes about 25 days, a much shorter time even compared to the delivery of your men’s formalwear.


The costs for bureaucratic burdens are those related to stamps to be necessarily applied to the various documents: 1 or 2 revenue stamps the 14.62 dollars depending on whether you are both in the same municipality or in different municipalities; 1 revenue stamp of the same amount if requested in a municipality different from that of your residence; 0.26 dollars for the eventual release of the International Family Booklet. Marrying according to the civil ceremony is not expensive and is within everyone’s reach , but different are the stylistic choices that will characterize the event, starting with the choice of settings and flower bouquets for the ceremony.

Special cases

And finally, here are some tips on particular cases, because, beyond whether you choose to adopt a simple, refined outfit or even opt for the choice of an elegant formal dress , pay attention to the documentation to be attached. If one of you is divorced , a complete copy of the previous marriage certificate is also required, to which the annotation of the cancellation ruling must be attached. If one of you is a widower , you must present the certificate of the previous marriage, to which the death certificate of the spouse will be attached. If you are a minor , you must add the authorization of the Juvenile Court.

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